Quality Wallpapering in Kildare

We all know painting our walls does not stop them from noticing certain imperfections visible to the naked eye. This is why wallpapering is always a great option. You may also have old wallpaper that is damaged or lacking in the aesthetic qualities you are looking for. There is a wide variety of products to choose from allowing you to select a design that matches your existing décor or one that is unique from your other rooms. We offer an in-depth wallpapering service at competitive rates which has received nothing but positive feedback. Preparation is important so we take all steps to making sure the wallpaper goes on perfectly upon the first go without any need to redo errors.

  • Cover carpet and furniture
  • Stripping of existing wallpaper
  • Smoothing of surfaces
  • Cleaning dust and dirt
  • Use of quality materials

The way in which we wallpaper is extremely professional and precise; done in a timely manner, of high quality and with no mistakes. If you have existing paper on your walls that needs scraping off then it can become twice the task requiring patience and intricacy, which we pride ourselves on. We work as fast as possible but never compromise on quality so take as much time as needed to check over the walls and make sure everything is in order.

  • Plastering
  • Time to dry
  • Sanding the walls
  • Re-check Surfaces

The way your interior looks is hugely important and something that we understand for our clients. Wallpaper, when applied correctly, can give a room that beautiful, elegant appearance you have always longed for.

If you would like to find out more about our wallpapering services then call us on 087 916 2059, or send an email to info@gmcolor.ie. You can also use this price calculator to receive a quick quotation.