Furniture Spray Painting Kildare

Having worn furniture can be a real nuisance so finding ways to refurbish it without having to spend money on replacements is a real bonus. Here at GMcolor we provide top of the range furniture spraying solutions for those items that are in need of a fresh new look. We can spray paint a wide range of furnishings such as cabinets, chairs, dressers and all sorts of tables. They do not have to be damaged either, you may just desire a facelift so to speak, giving pieces a modern appearance to update your interior décor.

Our services do not just apply to houses either as we also provide furniture spraying to businesses as well. With the amount of employees and office furniture a company might use it is only realistic to expect constant wear and tear. Instead of spending vast amounts of finances on new desks and chairs it makes a lot more sense to merely fix them up and restore their quality to its original form.

  • Cover furniture and carpet to avoid damage
  • Work in ventilated areas
  • Smooth out surfaces
  • Provide quality materials
  • Wait until dries then recoat followed by sealant
  • Competitive prices

Spray painting can be a messy job and one that can lead to destruction of property or inhalation of toxic fumes if not applied correctly. Safety is our number one priority when using this style of painting so we make sure to undertake the task in wide open spaces with good ventilation and wear protective masks and clothing to avoid chemical contact. We offer cheap prices for our spray painting services with a fast turnover time so you can’t go wrong when choosing us to do the job.

To see what our past clients thought of our service and to discuss this further feel free to contact us on 087 916 2059, or send an email to You can also use this price calculator to receive a quick quotation.