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Painting Kildare – Why Paint Your Exterior Walls in Spring

Spring is just around the corner. This means that Kildare, just like the rest of Ireland, is about to come to life. Picturesque sceneries and pleasant weather are going to envelop the county. This means that it is once again the perfect time for outdoor activities, including painting your exterior walls.

Having pristine-looking outdoor walls is necessary, especially if you want an impressive curb appeal. Remember, this is the first thing people see. It is going to be the basis of their first impression. As you’ve probably heard, first impression matters especially when you are selling a house.

If your outdoor walls are in dire need of a fresh coat of paint, a good time to tackle this task is this spring. Why should you schedule exterior painting during this season?

Excellent Weather

Unlike interior house painting, this type of project cannot be done all year round. One of the reasons for this is that painting outdoors cannot commence when weather conditions are not favourable.

You see, there is an optimal time and temperature for paint to dry properly. Meeting these conditions is essential in achieving a durable and beautiful paint job.

For example, most latex paints require a temperature of not lower than 10 to dry and stick to the surface well. In Ireland, the average spring temperature falls between 8°C to 12°C – just perfect for exterior painting!

In addition, drastic changes in daytime and nighttime temperatures are rare during this season.

Why is this important?

As much as possible, the temperature needs to be stable as the paint cures. Any major change can compromise the quality of the output – i.e., paint not adhering well to the surface because nighttime temperature significantly drops.

The excellent weather isn’t just conducive for the paint but also the painting contractor. As it is neither too cold or too hot during spring, professional painters are able to work efficiently and safely. This isn’t possible during winter with the very cold air or during summer with the sweltering heat.

Easily Book a Painting Contractor

Truth be told, many homeowners schedule exterior painting projects in the summer. For some, it’s because of the belief that this is the best season to do this project. For others, it’s just the most convenient time for them.

So, it should not be difficult for you to find a reputable painting contractor in Kildare to work on your exterior walls in spring. Chances are high that you’d be able to book the company you want.

However, please do not wait until the middle of the season to hire a painting company. Remember, this task is best scheduled during the early weeks of spring when temperatures are most ideal for outdoor painting.

The recommendation is to call the painting contractor you’ve chosen before winter ends. The earlier you contact them, the better your chances are of getting the schedule you want.

Spot and Address Winter Damages

Winter can be hard on your exterior walls. They can get significantly battered, incurring damages and looking dingy.

To be more precise, discolorations may appear causing dark-coloured paint to develop white streaks. Moulds may also grow on the walls. Furthermore, exposure to the cold weather may cause the paint to peel off. These things can happen even to newly painted walls!

The extent of the damage depends on the condition of the paint job or the wall. If cracks are already present, it is going to be easier for moisture to seep through the wall. Moisture can soften the paint, weakening its adherence to the surface.

Finding these issues early on enables you to prevent them from worsening. This is why it is a good idea to schedule exterior painting in spring. You immediately get to address any damages caused by the cold winter weather. You also get to save as minor problems are cheaper to fix than the bigger ones.

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